Saturday 25 October 2008

The anagama sorcerer

Nic's blog's been updated with pots he's making for his on-line exhibition on December 5th.

There's also a good piture of Blogger Andrew on there, check it out


potterboy said...

What you have to realise is that I have no recollection of that photo being taken. I was obviously there, the pictures never lie do they, but my left and right eyes weren't focusing properly by that stage, and I'd only had about four or five pints. What a light-weight.

That was a good evening though... very excellent roast beef.

Margaret Brampton said...

Hope car problems are getting sorted. Colanders are easy-slip them whilst they are still a bowl (i.e. no holes)They glaze as easily as any thing else. I think you could make some stunning,strong, large ones.I once had a robust one by Jonathan Barrett-Danes before one of the boys broke it.

doug Fitch said...

Thanks Margaret. Hey Andrew, I want to see the ones he didn't put on there.