Tuesday, 11 March 2008

A birthday blog

Ron is the grand old age of thirty eight today, happy birthday Ron, here's a slipware cake for you.

And here is my Dad's birthday jug with a fresh coat of white slip.

Loads of finishing today, lids for the double jam pots thrown, turned and knobs thrown on, yesterday's jugs all handled.

Another good making day tomorrow and Marky Mark for company during the evening, I look forward to that.


Ron said...

Thanks Doug! I had a great birthday. Unloading the kiln tomorrow. Looking forward to that.

Matt Grimmitt said...

Busy busy,

Nice one blogger Doug, might have to change the day we were going to come down next week, i've double booked! Doh.


doug Fitch said...

No worries Matt, all's sorted.

Emily Murphy said...

Hi Doug - congrats on the show. Your work is beautiful! I just linked to this post on my blog:

I'm glad that you switched over your blog - now I never miss a post!