Sunday, 2 March 2008

10lb jars and electric guitars

Good morning Ang in Adelaide, thank you for checking in.

Had a day off yesterday for Luke's birthday. He's fifteen, what ever happened to our sweet little baby? He discovered rock and roll that's what! Here he is looking all Hendrix with his new guitar. He's becoming a very good player and has a band with his mates called The Trilbies. They practice once a week in our garage much to the delight of our neighbours I'm sure. I'm so proud of my boys, they're growing up into really sweet natured young men.

Housework, shopping and cooking for Joe and me today, revision for exams for poor Luke. It's Mother's Day here in the UK, Happy Mother's Day Mother, love you!

Joe delivered Hil her breakfast in bed, along with a card that he'd made and some sweets that I intend to steal later, once I've finished off Luke's birthday toffees.

Tomorrow, a busy day. I've got to unbrick the kiln door, get the pots out and glaze them all ready to repack on Tuesday and Wednesday, for a Thursday firing. I'm glad I've left the door up because we had a bit of rain during the last couple of days so the atmosphere is damp. The kiln should still be relatively warm and dry.

I'm going to try and carry on pot making in amongst the chaos. The big jars from last week will be ready to decorate and I made some big bottles on Friday that'll be ready too. I want to try and make some 20lb ones this week.

Recently Ron's started to post video streams on his blog. It's interesting to see how and where he does things over there. My workshop's too much of a mess at the moment for such things and my camera isn't really good enough, but here's a bit of video that Matt took last time he was here. I've had to trim it because the file size was too big(?) but it'll give you an idea of how I do stuff and you'll get to have a laugh at my 'potter's nod' which looks pretty silly.


klineola said...

What an epic video! Over here, we call that nod the the potter's "head bob". We celebrated your Mother's Day this morning with chocolate chip pancakes and maple syrup and coffee. I picked a little cup for you and will be mailing it tomorrow. I can't predict when you will get it, though. Hopefully soon. Nice looking jars. cheers, Michael

Ron said...

I call it the "Leach lurch" and you've got it bad dude. Ha. Great video! Happy Mother's day to Hil. Have fun glazing.

Hannah said...

Brilliant film, your nod is far worse than mine and I use a kick wheel, thought it'd be more accentuated with me by now! Am sure it'll get worse over the years.

Paul Jessop said...

Excellent,! you've found your trade mark ( nodding like one of those dogs you put on the parcel shelf in the back window of the car). all you need now is a catch phrase and your onto a winner.
Oohh Yesss!!!

doug Fitch said...

Just too many wobbly pots I guess - good job I'm not a DJ.

Michael, I look forward to that.

Didn't do too well with the domestic duties today, forgot to re-set the washing machine and just washed the boys' uniforms on 95c and shrunk everything. I must point out here, I always do the laundry in this house so it's not due to lack of experience!

Oohh Yesss

ang design said...

and good morning to you too noddy!! v.funny i don't have one of those ....i can be a bit of a speedster so its probably a good thing......ang