Thursday, 20 March 2008

Going Modern and Being British

I got all the wood sorted out today ready for Tuesday's firing. Well, when I say 'sorted' I mean spread out in the workshop in every space available to allow the air to get to it, some of it's a bit damp and I need it to be completely bone dry before Tuesday. I'll unpack bisc tomorrow and do the glazing midst the chaos, remembering to use the right glaze this time.

The picture is the cover of a book to which I contributed an essay years ago. I co-curated an exhibition of the same title, at the Royal Albert Memorial Museum in Exeter and the book accompanied the exhibition. You can buy it from Amazon, or get it here for free. I haven't read it for years so as far as I know it might be absolute rubbish, but I found it on this site last night and thought I'd share it with you.

Somebody who follows this blog called by the workshop yesterday when I wasn't there, sorry I missed you. Why not pop by and see the firing on Tuesday? Drop me an email and we can make a plan. Off to band practice, got a gig on Saturday night - too much to do!


Rob Windstrel Watson said...

Way to go on the band practice and the gig on Saturday.

Have a great time :-)

doug Fitch said...

Hi Rob
I meant to reply to this at the time so apologies it's taken me so long. I just enjoyed your tale of loneliness on the railway. It'll soon be the Cheriton Folk Festival - perhaps we'll grab a pint of real ale? I've a gig in Exeter on the Saturday night but I'm sure we'll get a chance at some stage.