Friday, 28 March 2008

Thanks all

This is a speedy post as I've still got a night of pricing and packing ahead of me, but I want to say thanks everybody for saying all those lovely things. I feel a much more relaxed person than this time last week.

John Edgeler from The Long Room Gallery came today to collect the pots for the Winchcombe show. I can't wait to see them in a gallery environment instead of the workshop, the attic or as it has been today, the entire house in every room, on every surface. In a minute I've to go and get the London pots down and pack them ready for delivery on Sunday.

My mate and Love Daddies front man(I'll not say singer - sorry Paul) Paul Cook has just started blogging. He's a great poet and lyricist and talented wood carver. I think his posts are likely to become quite interesting as he gets the hang of this Blogger thing, check him out.


potterboy said...

So are we all meeting up on Friday evening? Who's coming - are you going to be there?

I love those tea pots - especially the very shiney one - but somehow I doubt I'll get there in time (I wonder whether that's one that John will swallow up himself :)

Paul Jessop said...

We are comming on Friday Night,look forward to meeting you.

Ingie Mingei said...

Hey guys, as a serious Cardew-head, I find it tough to part with any of them, but there are 70 odd tasty pots for sale. Hope to see you on Friday evening to celebrate with Doug.

Cheers !


doug Fitch said...

It'll be great to see you all, I'm chuffed.

Good to see you on here John