Sunday, 16 March 2008

Boring bisc no.2

Another very busy weekend. I took delivery of some beautiful but battered Edwin Beer Fishley troughs on Saturday. They were made in the nineteenth century at the Fremington Pottery in North Devon, the wares of which has been very influential on my work. I'll try and get a picture of them up at a later date.

I had to work late on Saturday night finishing the last of the pots that got packed into the kiln today with help from good ol' Marky Mark. All is ready for the next bisc which will be on Tuesday.

Ii's a relief to have reached firing time, because that's that, I can't make any more pots so I've got to go with what I have. Let's just hope I can get them all fired successfully.

This evening we went up to Nic and Sabine's place on Dartmoor. I love it at their place and it was great to see them. They're building a new workshop from cob, the traditional local building material - basically mud and straw. It's going to be beautiful when it's finished.

Tidying up tomorrow, what a mess my workshop is at the moment - and getting the wood ready for Tuesday.

I'm very tired so that's me for now, happy Monday everybody.


Ron said...

Doug, Hope you are taking care of yourself. You've been hard at it. Best of luck getting the wood ready and the kiln fired off. It's another nice looking load. Be well.

ang design said...

hey doug, good morning or evening whatever it is at your place. nice kiln load, can't wait for the glaze firing. remember to ditch the bubbly batch of glaze! all my work is currently cooking under plastic , we're in our 17th day of temps over 35deg C it's currently 38deg. over it!!

Paul Jessop said...

Nice cob Nic.

how about this, I'm in the toyota dealer in yeovil, waiting for my car to be sorted out and they have a computer terminal, linked to the Toyota web site. Using my limited IT skills I have been able to check out everyones blog. Well it excited me !!.
suppose I'd better go and get a life.

doug Fitch said...

Hi all,
Paul you crack me up.

How's that kiln coming along Ang? Bubbly glaze has been disposed off - well actually I used it all on the last firing. Just got some of the pots refired in a friend's kiln after reglazing them and it's sorted it out, although they've lost some of the stuff that was happening on the outside - they're saleable now at least. Ron, came home this afternoon and went to bed for a couple of hours before the boys came home from school - I certainly needed it. I can't wait to get the next couple of weeks over and done with, then, relax for a week or so with Hil and the boys. Paul's going to help me tomorrow which will be great, see you tomorrow Paul, happy Tuesday everybody!

ang design said...

hiya, yes going well thanks spent last sunday fixing my chimney mistake with Kevin our superman at the club, so up to making the former for the roof arch, get the fibre in, the gas plumbed and we're off!! Glad to hear there'll be no more unattractive bubbles..hehe. and you saved all that work...brilliant effort..

doug Fitch said...

Hey Ang, how about some pictures?

CrisArtsy said...

So i was browsing blogs as i'm new to this, and i saw your picture of the loaded kiln and couldn't help myself. My favorite view is a fully loaded kiln just before firing because there's so much possibility there.

doug Fitch said...

Hi there Chrisartsy. It'll be exciting next week when it's the glaze firing, I'm looking forward to that one, as you say, so many possibilities, good and bad! Sounds like you're having a bit of a rough time with your studies. I worked for many years in an Art College so I've seen that scenario many times, I can understand your frustration. I find your work very interesting, I look forward to seeing more of it. I think you'll find this blogging thing is a great little support network, drop by any time.