Wednesday, 19 March 2008


The bisc's fired. I started at 8am after preheating with gas overnight. Blogger Paul came up in the morning and helped fire through the day, thanks Paul for the help and the great company. Marky Mark and Cookie joined me for the evening shift and we reached temperature at about 10pm, sealed up the kiln and got home about an hour later. I want to try and get it out tomorrow if possible so that I can start glazing ready for packing on Sunday and firing on Tuesday.

I forgot to take my camera but here's a bit of video from a firing last summer with Mark stoking firebox 1.

I've taken today off for a rest and to prepare Hil's birthday tea ready for when she gets in from work. Happy Birthday Hil, love you.


Matt Grimmitt said...



Anonymous said...

I wish !!

And thank you both.


Ron said...

Happy Birthday Hil. Hope to meet you someday. Best,

Alex Matisse said...

Doug, do you have some more pictures of kiln that you are firing? was that a damper right next to the fire box?

doug Fitch said...

Hi Alex
It's pretty much a simple Olsen Fastfire. It is a damper but I never use it other than to seal the chimney after firing because my Galena glaze boils in a reduction atmosphere. There are some pictures of the kiln under construction here

Lovely pots on your blog tonight