Thursday, 23 February 2012


Well it's taken me all day to get yesterday's pots handled and the bowls from earlier in the week, slipped. I didn't even get the lids made for the jars I made yesterday, so that'll be tomorrow's job.

I'm feeling a whole lot more positive at the moment - I always struggle in the winter, my confidence hits the deck and I start to question whether I have the ability to do this stuff. It's so much easier to spend all day alone in a shed with a positive head.

Here's a short film from my day today. I'm going to buy a new camera next week so I can get back to posting some stills.

Goodnight all


Unknown said...

I hear you there Doug! You seem to be handling it better than me though. Goddam winter, i just can't shift the blues!!
At least you're working your way through it. Look forward to seeing how these all come out.

ang design said...

i think the cold gets into our brains maybe you should get a sunlamp :)) not a tanning lamp though those are bleeding looks like you got so much done today though, nice work mr

Unknown said...

We've had a couple of sunny days near 60 degrees but it's back go cold and rainy today. Those sunny days were enough to give me a little lift though.
I love your videos. They're so relaxed and inspiring.