Thursday, 9 February 2012


Morning all
Koichiro, the owner of the Gallery St Ives in Tokyo asked for some photographs of the inside of the workshop for use in some of the publicity. My camera is so full of dust these days, that everything has a soft focus.
More bowls, thrown off the hump on the kickwheel.

Fingerwiped decoration.

Yesterday's video is much the same as the the ones from last couple of days(but with a much more abrasive soundtrack) - more turning of footrings on even more bowls - there would have been other stuff, but my batteries went flat.

There will be even more bowls to turn today, but not until after an invigorating walk to work through the cold Devon countryside. Hil's car is having some work done today, so she has my car and I have my feet. Well I'd better get out on those lanes and see what excitement lies in store for me on my journey. I consider myself so lucky to live in such a beautiful place.

Happy Thursday to you all


Joe Troncale said...

Happy Thursday!
Sometime would you be kind enough to discuss more about your decoration? I am assuming that you are dipping your decorated pots in slip, decorating by finger-wiping or carving. Do you also put on a clear glaze before you fire? Just curious about how you are finishing them off.

Lynn Hoffmann said...

Nice soundtrack!

Hollis Engley said...

Nice little trimming demo. The workshop looks like a genuine working potter's workshop. The Japanese will be impressed.

doug Fitch said...

Hi Joe
I hope the new video shows you a bit of what I do with the decoration. I'll bisc fire them, then put on either a yellow or honey glaze.

Lynn, The Fall as ever, the soundtrack of my day :-)

Hollis, it's almost tidy in there for the first time ever. I hope you and Dee can make it over some time