Monday, 27 February 2012

Saturday and Sunday on Monday

Good morning and a happy Monday to you all.

Well the last few days of making for Art Fair Tokyo are upon me. My assembled team will be firing the wood kiln next week. There are still quite few things that I have to get made, so it'll be a case of putting the hours in this week. To bring you up to date, here's some stuff from the weekend.

On Saturday I went on a rare visit to Exeter. I rarely venture in to the big City these days - there's nothing much there for me. New clothes? Don't like 'em. Haircuts? Don't do them (well only twice a year and it''s not warm enough yet). Shelf brackets from the Army Surplus store on the other hand - ah now we're talking, that's proper 'man- shopping'. Ooooo, lovely new shelves in the kiln shed, hurrah!

After the excitement of the Army Surplus, I took myself off to The Royal Albert Memorial Museum, allowing Hil to visit the various boutiques and boot shops that Exeter has to offer, withou a grumpy old man in tow.

The Museum boasts some wonderful pots and unlike some museums, they allow photography of their collections. Here's a little film of some of the medieval pots and the North Devon slipware that are in the collection. There's also a little something by the Martin Brothers on there for the benefit of Dan. I could spend hours in that place - come to think of it, I did - how time flies when you're having fun.

Yesterday I went to work, accompanied for the morning by Marky Mark. It was a beautiful day, after a chilly start. The birds were enthusiastically proclaiming tales of the imminence of the Spring. I don't think they were fibbing, it's definitely coming, woohoo!!!

Well this won't do, I'd better get to work, there are teapots to be made. Have a great week everybody, catch you soon.


ang design said...

there's some lovely hand drawn pieces around the 2:20 mins with some copper mmmmm right up my alley!! thanks mr F hope Hil had a super time and scored the boots :))

Quietly Otaku said...

Sounds like a great gallery I've never been to Exeter, I've been itching to go to the V&A recently to see their collection even though I'm not a big city person either!

Margaret Brampton said...

Thanks for the videos. Made a great accompaniment to my lunch. It's a great service your providing us with. I'd like to get along there some time. I think we must pass close by as we're going on a walking holiday somewhere near Bovey Tracey in May. ( Perhaps I could leave Mark do the walking and I could do the museum).

felicity said...

I read about your new shelf brackets, followed by photo of broken pots (in the museum) and thought that your shelves had collapsed and your pots were broken!Glad that wasnt the case.

Anonymous said...

Me too!


cookingwithgas said...

I could just sit here and watch your life, but Mark would call that lazy and fire me....hummm now that is a plan!
Love your video's thanks!

Dave Barber said...

Thanks for posting your videos Doug. How the hell you manage to make a living doing what you enjoy I really don't know! ... Well I do - bloody hard work I reckon. Anyway well done, you're an inspiration to the rest of us. Keep them vids coming as I now believe that I'm capable of making a small fortune as a potter - I just need to start with a large fortune ;-)

doug Fitch said...

Ha ha, I have to say I was a little worried when I stacked all my bisc ware on to the new shelves, that they may fall off the wall - so far, so good :)

Exeter museum has some wonderful pots - it's been closed for a few years while a new wing has been added, and all the exhibits have been reorganized - it's a treat to have it on my doorstep

Thanks all for your comments. I'm just about to post yesterday's day - it includes my comfy sofa just for you Meredith :)