Tuesday, 31 January 2012


Today I carried on from yesterday, decorating drinking bowls. It seems to be taking forever to make a kiln load of pots this time around - everything is small or flat. I still have a lot of small pots to make to send to Japan, but I'm stressing about getting a kiln full of pots in time for the firing deadline. Here's a link to an album of pictures of this month's production.
I decided I should take a bit of pressure off and make some bigger pots. I felt back in my comfort zone today with these 8lb jugs. I'll make some more tomorrow, or maybe some bigger jugs if I feel well enough. Man flu is coming over me this evening, so I'm feeling sorry for myself. A hot bath and an early night is called for I think.

Here's a short film from today

Goodnight all


Barbara Rogers said...

Sorry you're feeling poorly. Great pitchers!

gz said...

The weather is no help-we've just had pasta with a nicely fiery tomato sauce to counteract it!

Watched the video and within seconds I thought....must make some bread!!

Lovely jugs

Anna M. Branner said...

Ahhh. Man flu is the worst kind. ;)

Dennis Allen said...

Like you I get tired with small pots pretty quickly and always have some bigger pots in the kiln even if they don't pack as neatly or sell as quickly as the little guys. Feel better.

Ron said...

Love that little flower/leaf resist. Hope ya feel better, you've been a hard working man.

Joe Troncale said...

If I catch the flu, will it help me make pots as beautiful as yours? :)
Hope you feel better and thanks for taking the time to make the film clips.

doug Fitch said...


Thank you all!

Quietly Otaku said...

Oh dear, dreaded man flu :( hope your feeling better soon!