Tuesday, 3 January 2012

It's a New Year!

Hello boys and girls and a Happy New Year to you all! I wish you all a wonderful 2012.

I got back to work today after a lovely Christmas break. It was just what I needed, I was feeling pretty burned out at the end of last year and it was a welcome rest. So today, I was back in the saddle/swivel chair and making pots again for what seems like the first time in weeks. Usually I'd start off a fresh making session by throwing my favourite thing, 8lb jugs, but I already have some of those made, so instead I got started with a couple of dozen 1.5 lb, dinky little jugs.

I struggle with small stuff, it uses different skills which I rarely practice, but by the last few, things seemed to be going along nicely. I have to send fifty pieces to Japan, for exhibitions at Art Fair Tokyo and Gallery St Ives, also in Tokyo. It costs a fortune to ship these pots round the world, so I can't imagine I'll be sending any of my big heavy pieces. I need to make a lot of small pots in the forthcoming weeks.

It's been crazy weather today, gale force wind and torrential rain. This winter we've only had a few frosts and none of those have been particularly hard. The flowers in the garden seem very confused by it all. I'm glad of it though, last year at this time I was unable to get to the workshop because we were snowed in.

Here's a little film I shot today at the workshop.

Late night working with Marky Mark tomorrow, I'm looking forward to that. Bye for now.


Anna M. Branner said...

Just love those little jugs. And an army of them!

REALLY windy here too. But COLD also. We towels on the back porch froze in minutes!

Cat's Ceramics said...

Happy New Year to you! How very satisfying-first day back and an army of jugs! x

Joe Troncale said...

"Dinky" is much too harsh!
Beautiful little pots! I hope you will post the pictures when they are glazed and fired!

Muhammad Asad Faizi said...

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Armelle said...

Salut Doug,
Ici aussi beaucoup de pluie, du vent, coups de vents, merci pour le petit film, I share.
Happy new year, again !!!

doug Fitch said...

Hello everybody, thank you, happy new year. I got all the handles on them yesterday, so decorating starts today. I'll post some pictures when they're done :)

dawt said...

Lovely little pots! I will probably never make it to your part of the world, so I hope we see more of those videos, next best thing to being there.