Friday, 27 January 2012

Keith Maskell

I took Luke to his college interview yesterday. During the day I was remembering back to when I was his age and my Dad took me to my interview in Derby.

I recall being very nervous, but was soon put at ease by Keith Maskell, who was the head of the course. He chatted about the poorly-made, lumpy pots that I had taken with me, in the kind, encouraging manner, for which I grew to know him, before offering me a place. I was greatly saddened when I got home last night, to receive the news that he has just passed away.

He was a sweet, gentle man and a fine and ever-enthusiastic teacher. He profoundly affected my life and the lives of the many others who studied under him during his lengthy teaching career.

Thank you Keith for everything.


Dan Finnegan said...

Another good man gone...while we carry on. Best wishes.

Hollis Engley said...

condolences, Doug. As Dan said, the ones who are left behind carry on the work.

ang design said...

for sure!! sweet notions doug...he impressed on you like you are to others

Lorraine said...

People like that are like gold...more precious and more rare with every passing day.

Dan Finnegan said...

Hey Doug! What's up with your email account? It bounces back to me. Clare Finch wanted to ask you for permission to reprint your blogpost about Ray.