Monday, 30 January 2012

It's behind me

Happy Monday everybody

I went to work on Saturday morning. Marky Mark came over and we spent a few hours sipping tea, talking rubbish and decorating pots. These are some basins that I fingerwiped.
And some shiny, dribbly slip on a jug.
Saturday night was the final performance of the pantomime, Cinderella. I enjoyed it all very much this year, nevertheless, it'll be good to have my evenings back again now that it's all over. It's a huge commitment, with at least two rehearsals a week for several months. I played the part of a baron, although I look a bit like an ancient member of some dodgy re-formed, '80's New Romantic band!

Here's a little film, showing Saturday's workshop activity and the 'it's behind you' scene from the panto. I wonder how much sense it will make to you folks across The Pond. We're very easily pleased, we Brits!

Have a lovely day all, I'm off to work to make some big fat jugs, woohoo!


Hollis Engley said...

That's hilarious, Doug. The panto, that is, not the pots.

Hollis Engley said...

I watched it again. This time with Dee. She says, "Tell Doug I had a good giggle."
Especially, she says, now that she's met the great actor and potter in person.

Joe Troncale said...

Great art on both ends of the film!!! (but as they say in the States, "don't quit your day job!")
It was really great to watch you do the decoration. Beautiful pots!

Paul Jessop said...

Hi Doug, I do love the shape of that Jug it's a bute!
I had a call from some woman who told me you had given her my details, and she wants to come and see me. cheers matey!

Ron said...

Looks like a lot of fun there Doug!

doug Fitch said...

Ha ha, it was good fun, but I'm glad to get my life back again.

Hi Dee, when are you coming over?

Ah well, back to the day job tomorrow then.

Paul, yes I hope it's a useful contact

ang design said...

'although I look a bit like an ancient member of some dodgy re-formed, '80's New Romantic band!' it you could start breaking into a bit of TRUE or GOLD!! mid panto :P

doug Fitch said...

Ha - I always hated Spandau Ballet - music for girls ;-)

ang design said...

great college memories though :))

Dixie Nichols said...

Doug can I buy that jug? It needs to come and live with me How much is it?