Wednesday 25 February 2009


This computer's in demand tonight, Luke's frantically printing out stuff for his sketchbook ready to hand it in tomorrow for his GCSE and Hil's preparing for her OFSTED inspection in the morning poor thing, so short but sweet this one.

I'm really proud of what Jessica's achieving. Here she is fettling a batch of egg cups that she's made. There'll be more about these on a later post. She has a lot of shiny new pots that will be coming out of the electric kiln tomorrow evening too, so exciting stuff.

I was invited to see the three-day old lambs at the farm nextdoor this evening - aaaaw, bless 'em.

And here is Luke's GCSE piece, fired, finished and fabulous.

Good lad Luke, a well deserved success.

He's got lots of great ideas for his next models and can't wait to do some more - the boy has a future in this game I think, time for me to retire and hand over the reins.

And finally, Happy Birthday Blogger Matt, hope you have a good 'un.

Well it wasn't that short in the end, but it was sweet.


ang design said...

aw sweet, and singing chap has teeth too!! v. cool..

Ron said...

Those are some cute lambs. I'm reading a book now called Three Bags Full, by Leonie Swann. It's about some sheep who are going to solve the murder of their shepherd. Just started it.
Get work Luke!!! Wow nice glaze job. Proper.

Hollis Engley said...

Nothing cuter than new lambs. Nice work by Luke, too.

Jude said...

Well done Luke! Very sweet lambs.CAn't wait to see more of the egg cups.

Hannah said...

Oh Luke that is utterly brilliant. I think we should mark your GCSE for you. Honestly it's better than some of the things you see at certain exhibitions and shows. Do keep it up it's fantastic work.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

holy carp your son's piece is so beautiful and so fun!!!!!
I love little lambs.

Anonymous said...

luke... your work is excellent! looking forward to seeing how jessica's stuff comes out too. i hope i'm that successful at getting my daughter interested in making stuff.

Christine said...

Brilliant piece of work Luke - so glad it came out so well.

Alexandra said...

Fantastic work Luke...and those lambs are gorgeous!

Anonymous said...


I think that Luke has made a work of great intensity and emotional value - you should be proud!

I now have 3 of your jugs and want a puzzle one next..

Anonymous said...

brilliant - cool teeth