Saturday, 28 February 2009


Well that's the end of a tiring but fulfilling week in the workshop. My legs feel stiff tonight, which is a sign that I need to do more exercise - I've been taking too many lifts through the winter months.

This week I've been walking through lanes and across fields to work, it's been great to get back out into the countryside again. The fields are being ploughed ready to be sown with the seeds for this year's crops.

Things are changing at a pace, Spring's definitely on its way which is good for the head and the heart, if not the legs. This is the little road bridge over Hollywater, that I cross every day and when I walk, is always a place I stop for quiet contemplation. The snowdrops, that have been spectacular, will soon make way for the primroses.

Primroses are probably my favourite flowers of all, a sign of the birth of the new season. The hedgerows will be full of them in a couple of weeks.

I made six of these harvest jugs this week. This picture shows an old bloke putting the scroll onto the base of the handle. This is a simple decorative element traditionally applied to the harvest jugs of Devon.

And here are three of the six.

Off into Exeter tomorrow to see some crowds. I love being alone in my countryside hideaway, but sometimes it does me good to get into the city - it would be easy to become a complete recluse.

Lunch somewhere nice to celebrate Luke's birthday, then we're going to watch Exeter City play footy in the afternoon, c'mon City!

He was very happy with the plaudits by the way, thank you.

Happy weekend everybody


Craig Edwards said...

So nice to see spring!! Sweet pots

Hollis Engley said...

Looks like spring is coming to Devon. I love that. We're still some weeks away here on Cape Cod.

Matt Grimmitt said...

Nice chatting with you yesterday DF, glad you are back in the swing of it again. Have a good weekend. Cheers.

Jude said...

Ah, brings a tear to my watery eye, lovely Devon...thanks for photos.
Have a great week end, did they win??