Friday 20 February 2009

Back in the groove

Luke decided he ought to make another model just in case the other doesn't come through the kiln successfully, so he's worked really hard on it this week.

He finished it tonight. His first one is in the kiln bisc firing. It'll be out in the morning, so fingers crossed.

I went up to Cookie's workshop this afternoon to help with the backdrop for Saturday's gig. His workshop is in an idyllic setting, an old barn in a semi-derelict Victorian farm yard. Joe, my younger son came too and played with two of Cookie's children. Here's Joe, wearing my work jacket.

And here's Cookie, executing some energetic brush strokes, he made a great job of it.

This evening Marky Mark came up to the workshop. I got started with making the next kiln load. In at the deep end with a big tapered jug. This one's about 20 inches high. I fancy making some ridiculously tall ones.

Lack of confidence and self doubt can be very destructive sometimes. This jug seemed to go pretty well though, so my head's in a much better place tonight than it was. Just as well, Alex and Steve are coming tomorrow to do some more work on the film. It's good to be making again, I really needed the break.


Tracey Broome said...

I would seriously be trying to fix my daughter up with one of those cute boys of yours if we were closer! Is Luke going to sell his work? It's really great, he should!!! Good to have you back in blog mode.

Peter said...

Lovely tall jug, what sort of weight of clay would you use for achieving such altitudes? You are right about lack of self confidence, and self doubt being destructive, they most certainly are when in excess. The funny thing is that they also seem an essential part of the make up of a creative person, and can spur one onwards, if not too overwhelming. Just a question of balance. Thank you for your most helpful and honest blog, it is a real inspiration.

Jude said...

Good luck with Luke's piece though I'm sure it will come out fine, worrying times.
Yes,lack of confidence, like stress, takes it's toll on all parts of our lives one way or another, glad you're feeling better. Your work is fantastic.

judsculpt said...

Glad to hear that you are back in a working mood by the looks of that beautiful tall jug, I kinda know that you need time to regroup. Luke's work is wonderful and he has excelled in making a lovely piece of work with a great touch of humour to it. Will love to see the end results. Keep well.Judy

Gary's third pottery blog said...

ah, who needs a migraine and the rest, nobody does--you're quite inspiring, 20 inch tall jug! Do you pause to let bit dry out at certain times, or is it all one smooth session at once?

Paul Jessop said...

Doug, I just had a good close look at Luke's Work.
I think as most artists he's taking his inspiration from things around him. if so then thats you on the guitar and Hil on the bench
Nice one Luke,Spot On !!!

Alexandra said...

Your tall jug looks great!

Brad Lail said...

Is that puppy made in one piece? That is a really nice one. Man Joe's hair has gotten so long! Keep up the good work!

doug Fitch said...

Evening all. I'm sending them over to you Tracey;)

Peter, thanks for dropping by - you have a great blog too - wonderful watering cans. I broke one of my own rules - I always insist that students who come to me weigh their clay so that they can get a measure of what the clay will make before they start. This pot was just made from an unweighed lump. Brad, the last few inches were thrown on afterwards - my arm isn't long enough to get all the way down otherwise. It's agreat way of making tall pots and I can get much better shapes by doing it that way. Yes, Joe's looking like a right hippie these days. Was talking ot an old gent about you on Saturday when I delivered the Flower Lady jug - he remembered your visit to the church in Cheriton.