Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Happy Christmas everybody

Well it's nearly here, I hope you're all being good.

I went to the workshop briefly today, where there were parcels waiting for me, how exciting! A package from the States from Becky, that contained two of her lovely little birds. Thank you so much Beck, how special.

and one from Hannah, inside, this beautiful snowflake, now hanging on my tree. Thank you H.

There was a little pot from my apprentice Jess and another parcel, yet to be opened, but containing something ceramic, from and made by my friend Matt's mother. I'm a lucky man, thank you all.

Thank you too to everybody who have sent me cards.

As I write this, the boys are wrapping their Mum's presents. They're full of excitement which is lovely to see as they're getting to be big lads now. Joe's quite a chef, so we're going to make some spicy pumpkin soup in a minute, for tomorrow's starter.

We'll be having a quiet day, maybe meet a few friends for a drink before lunch in the pub and maybe a walk through the lanes in the afternoon to burn off some of the Christmas pud.

Kipper and Spratt have been getting into the spirit of things and are hoping for a little something containing catnip or perhaps a sardine - I think they may just be lucky.

A big thank you to everybody who has helped me get through this year, folks who have bought my pots and those who have supported me through this blog. It's been wonderful meeting so many people all over the world through this virtual network, learning about your work and getting a window on your lives.

I'll sign out by wishing you all a wonderful Christmas, I hope Santa's kind to you and brings you everything you could desire.

Peace and love

Happy Christmas!!!


Hollis Engley said...

Happy Christmas to you and your family, Doug. What a beautiful video from Gloucester Cathedral. One of my favorite carols.

ang design said...

sweet, hope you have a lovely day with your fam, & i look forward to catching the next years blog with you..another little treat is on it's way to you, cheers ang x

Ron said...

Merry Christmas to you and Hil and the boys. Catch ya soon

Brad Lail said...

Merry Christmas Doug! Your cats have gotten so much bigger since I last saw them.

judsculpt said...

Happy Christmas Doug and family, the carol was a lovely way to finish Christmas day.

Matt Grimmitt said...

Merry Xmas DF, Hil, boys and kitties. Have a good un mate, speak with you soon.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

peace and love to you too, and what a Santa cat!

kota said...

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Becky said...

Merry Christmas to you, Doug. And may you and the family enjoy Boxing Day! The carol was lovely, the post so gracious and Santa Claws is one darn dear. (Did they get sardines, catnip or a buffet of both?)
Peace & Here's to a New Year.

jbf said...

Merry Christmas. A bit late, but heartfelt, nonetheless. Here's to a wonderful 2009.

I wonder if Becky's birds like coconut...

Jerry said...

Merry Christmas Doug, I hope it was merry!

Unknown said...

Beautiful video, thanks!
And what dear little birds you got, lucky you!

Brad Lail said...

speaking of some great christmas my mom got me the sweetest one ever. She went and ordered some of your pots for me for Christmas. Thanks so much for sending them. They are beautiful and remind me so much of the jolly land of England. The first thing I did was drink a cup of tea from the Hollyford mug. Drinking gave me that same sense of sweet rebellion I had in leaving the group, and skipping class to go make pots. I remember sitting in your living room drinking tea from one of your mugs thinking "dang I really did this. I am in a different country from the group I came with, and now I am sitting drinking tea at an english potters house. Whoa... this is great!" That is exectly what I thought of when the rim of that cup hit my lips. Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mr Fitch, Happy New Year to you. You old Punk Rocker You! 09 Will be the best, Your old mate, Nic.