Thursday 11 December 2008

Cheers Tim

I had a visit today from Tim from Croyden, the chap who gave me the cemetery clay to try. He very kindly gave me this beautiful William Fishley Holland bowl and some really useful kiln shelves - you can never have too many of those. The bowl's a beauty and has given me some good ideas for when I start making bowls and platters next week, thank you Tim.

You can find out more about Fishley Holland in this excellent book by John Edgeler. John's responsible for some magnificent publications which make great Christmas presents. You can find out more about

This is one of a series of puzzle jugs that I'm working on at the moment. They take ages because of all the parts, but I enjoy the challenge of making them. They'll stay under wraps until next week as we're away for the weekend to my mate Frank's place in Cornwall.

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