Monday 8 December 2008


Another chilly morning in Devon.

Today I made 4.5lb jugs, 1.5lb jugs and more mugs. I want to have at least fifty mugs in the next firing, maybe even a hundred.

I also decorated the jugs I made last week. This one has a design inspired by deer footprints I saw a while back.


Gary's third pottery blog said...

Chilly here in New York too. Gorgeous work and pics as usual!

Anonymous said...

Guess who?
Look´s very cold as usual Dougie (really missing the weather). ´tis really hot here, ha ha. We went to a small bohemian town called San Miguel de Allende, which was really cool, and have already bought some pots, and I have picked up loads of new ideas.
Glad to hear the sale went well, I bet some lucky people got some bargins.
Anyway, I´ll log on again in a few days to see what goes on.

Hannah said...

lovely,simple but lovely.

Hannah said...

By the way I was talking about the pots not you, being simple I mean.


Paul Jessop said...

It's been a bit "Golden Wonder"
here in the mornings as well.

Margaret Brampton said...

Your jugs are looking good. You get the form so wonderfully just right. I think the idea of using local clay is excellent.What amazing provenance your work will have. I would like to try some of that clay myself it would be facinating to see what results it would produce. I was so wishing we lived nearer so I could get to your sale on Saturday-hope it went well.

klineola said...

That's a great pattern you're got there (hooves). Your simplicity and directness is brilliant.

doug Fitch said...

Hola Marky Mark.

You can't go too wrong with simplicity - which is a good job really, or I'd be in a lot of trouble. Thanks for the kind words chaps and chapesses.

I'll get some of the clay to you some time Margaret. I'd love to fire one of your pots in the wood with galena on it too.