Friday 19 December 2008


Been trying to get back into it today. This puzzle jug took ages. I enjoy making them, but with so much stuff stuck on the outside I start to go a bit mad. Two more under wraps that'll need finishing next week. I wish I'd got everything finished so that I could stop, but I'll need to go in for at least one day next week.

Hil and the boys finished school today. Luke performed with his band for his year group. Joe had to watch Mamma Mia, which it transpires is not what a thirteen year old boy wants to be doing with his time.

One good thing about living with a teacher is that every Christmas there are lots of goodies around. Hil brought a big box home full of chocolates and bottles of wine. Lots of smelly things too for the bath tub.

In a week's time it'll be all over - we haven't even got a tree up yet. Tomorrow we're going to go and face the crowds in Exeter to do some crazy Christmas shopping, then we'll try and get this place looking a bit more festive.

My little boys are suddenly young men, Father Christmas' true identity has long been exposed and they don't long for toys any more like they used to. They do still get excited though and I'm sure they'll still be hanging their stockings up, full of expectation bless 'em.

Happy weekend all


Gary's third pottery blog said...

Bless them and you and Hill too. Feel better, especially!

Brad Lail said...

Some of the same runnin around for Christmas activities are going on here as well. I can see a few puzzle jugs stepping into the near future of my pottery. lookin' good! Merry Christmas to you, Luke, Joe, and Hil!!

ang design said...

love those puzzle jugs...and will be giving them a bash next year at the club....a little design competition happy shopping..

Hannah said...

Doug that's a lovely puzzle jug, and that tall jug you had on the post the other day, i love it, beautiful.
We don't have a tree, all sold out in Castle Douglas, just been to try. We now have a branch instead donated by the woodland down the way. It's nice though.
Good luck with the shopping.

jbf said...

If one has to go a bit mad to produce pots like that one, then sign me up.

We haven't put our tree up yet either --and it's only in the attic.

My girls, err, young ladies are at that same age where they are hard to shop for. It was so much easier when they just wanted toys. (I don't think they would watch Mamma Mia either!)

Clay Perry said...

happy Christmas! hope its a good one.. i want a puzzle jug, how much?

Unknown said...

That is a wonderful pot! I have never been up to all the work it takes to make a puzzle jug; I am impressed.
My kids are older now too, it was so much fun to buy toys, I miss that part of the holiday.

Anonymous said...

Hola Dougie, glad to read you´re feeling better and that all is well.

Just a quicky to say Ho ho ho and a Merry Christmas from both Neli and myself.

We have done so much that I´ll have to tell you all about it when back in England.

Until then


Margaret Brampton said...

Best wishes to you, Hils and the boys. Have a wonderful time. Recharge your batteries and enjoy relaxing! Youv'e made a lot of wonderful pots this year so celebrate!

Paul Jessop said...

Is it me! or have I got to the stage in life, where the only word that registered with me in your blog was "Stockings"

Hope you get a Satsuma in the bottom of your one.

Sister Creek Potter said...

Merry Christmas, Doug, to you, Hill and the boys! I really appreciate your friendship and support! Yes, I'll be back on line next month! Cheers, Gay