Wednesday 10 December 2008

Clay, beautiful clay

Jessica digging clay this afternoon. We processed it all, so it should be ready for her to make with when she comes next week.

Here are a couple of beauties that Alex has made from Hollyford clay. I think these are going in the next firing in January.

Busy times here. Luke's doing his GCSE exams, so we've been up late every night helping him revise. I've been doing some painting with him and guitar work - the Maths and Science is Hil's territory.

Lots of pots coming through in the workshop. Forgot to take pictures so I'll do that tomorrow.

Cheers my dears.


Hannah said...

bloody hell Alex that's quite something. lots of lettering on those.

Paul Jessop said...

Those Jugs by Alex must rank in my all time top ten bestist ever pots. I want to make pots as good as that, they are just perfect.