Monday, 7 April 2008

Thanks all

Thank you to all who came on Friday night, some folk came a very long way, I appreciate your support.

We're at my parent's now, where I've been laid up with a horrible migraine since Saturday evening. I can just about see straight enough now to do this but I'll keep it brief and add more later.

Thank to all who bought pots, I hope you enjoy them, I think these and the London pots are the best I've made to date.

It was great to have some of my blogging buddies all together under one roof and to meet Andrew(and his mum) for the first time, although I felt like I knew him pretty well already. We stayed the night with Matt and Tig. I had the chance to spin a quick pot in his shed, thank you to them for their hospitality.

I've got some more photos on my camera which I've yet to transfer. These images were taken by my Mother. We're staying with my parents until Sunday when we'll go to the London show, then head back to Devon from there. My brain hurts so I'll sign out in a moment but not before saying a big thank you to John Edgeler for putting on the show.

John Edgeler looking like he's making a big roll-up

Blogger Paul on the left and Blogger Andrew on the right and my Dad behind.

John Mathieson and Hil with Ron and Sue in the background

Paul Young and Sue


Ron said...

At last some photos! Sorry you're feeling unwell Doug. I hope you can get some rest and relief now that exhibition #1 is over. London will be a breeze. The pots look fantastic. It's funny how different they look outside of the workshop setting isn't it? I am always so proud of them when I see my pots all set up at a show or esp. in someone's home. I know you're proud of all this work, as you should be. Take care and enjoy the time with your family. Cheers,

ang design said...

wow, it all looks v.posh, lovin the big stuff looks great in a gallery, Yeh chill doug enjoy the fruits..

Sister Creek Potter said...

The show looks great! So sorry you are having to suffer the effects of the stress. Hope you recover quickly and enjoy the week with your family. Fondly, Gay

Anonymous said...

Hmm Impressive! More,more.
Hope the mirgaine has passed,it probably left you feeling bushed so
take it easy. Stop and smell the roses.
Then go show em up the smoke.
Be thinkin of ya.

doug Fitch said...

Migraine, now a cold virus(man flu. That'll teach me to take a break.
Cheers all

ang design said...

man flu! that'll knock ya back a bit, you need more fun time and get some address no sending me swizzle sticks I had a very large collection as a kid at my pa's gigs.