Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Back to work

Got making again today. Hil and the boys are off still this week so it's very hard to drag myself away from the family to my shed in the countryside. I haven't made any pots for a few weeks and I felt pretty rusty, so started off by making some 8lb fat jugs. This is a size and form of jug that's excited me in the last couple of firings. It took me a while to get my hands and eyes back into the zone, to rediscover where the curves should be and to determine the right thickness of the rim, width of the foot, neck etc.

The first pots onto the empty racks are always a bit of a struggle for me psychologically. I'll get handles on them tomorrow and decorate them on Thursday and then I'll be back into the system once more and a happy bunny.

My plan was to get another firing through before Clay Art Wales, but I think that might be a bit of a tall order. I've enough stock to do Clay Art so it's probably sensible to focus on getting fresh pots together for the subsequent couple of shows, Bovey Tracey and Rufford, rather than rushing to fill a kiln with too much big stuff and not enough smaller pots.

That said, I did have a chat with Matt today and we discussed the possibility of getting a firing through with some of his pots too. I'll have a good look at the calendar in the morning and plan a daily schedule and see what's a realistic target. I've no wood in the shed to fuel the kiln and all my glaze buckets are empty so perhaps it'd be sensible to plan a firing later, rather than sooner and to do it properly rather than bodge it.

It's been a lovely day today, a bit overcast at times and the odd drop of rain, but lovely, so I decided to walk home through the lanes for the first time this Spring. Everything is poised to explode in the hedgerows, the ferns are unwinding and the flowers and trees are bursting their buds. It was a beautiful stroll and one I'll be doing regularly now the evenings are lighter. I love living and working in the countryside. More pots tomorrow.


ang design said...

show us your handles doug! I must admit it's my biggest downfall, mugs & jugs alike, I really should put in more effort & could do with some inspiration.

klineola said...

When I read your post just now I thought you were going to say that you started out after being away from the wheel by making some simple bowls! What a surprise, I guess we all have our comfort-pots that we make comfortably. I'll have to try that. Actually, why not just dive in, right? Good to see some fresh pottery and fresh flowers. The walk home looks lovely. I look forward to the day when I walk down the hill to my home. My new shop is in limbo as these things go.

Hannah said...

You make me sick! Limbering up with just some 8lb jugs. Damn it. Those last one's I threw I thought were huge, I've never made jugs as big in my life, they were all of 4lb. They feel like jugs for gnomes now.

Becky said...

I won't comment on the 8lb warmup, as an 8lb jug or 8lb anything else would probably be the last piece I'd ever throw. I'd faint dead away if I ever succeeded at it. I will comment on the walk home. Both the photos and the way you describe the stroll make me long to visit England again.

doug Fitch said...

Ha, I had a right struggle starting with the 8lb-ers, hadn't particularly thought why, but upon reflection it probably is a bit of a silly place to start after all this time off. I usually start with loads of mugs, that would be much more sensible, no wonder I've been struggling - what a plonker! Mugs tomorrow. I'll try and get a photo of my handles on Ang. I'll try and get somebody to photograph a handle making sequence. The stroll's beautiful, Devon is one of the most beautiful parts of the country, I'm a lucky man to live here. I might put some more shots on later. Come over again some time Becky.

Ron said...

Yea, I gotta agree with Hannah and Becky that an 8 lb jug is pushing it for me too. I'm just now getting happy with my 4.5 ones. You're just too macho dude!
Hey the stroll home looks lovely. Nice change after London I bet. Well it's good to see some pots, and we'll all look forward to those mugs now. Take care. Over and out