Friday, 4 April 2008

Today's the day

Firstly a big thank you to everyone who came up with kind offers of help yesterday when the car died. If all goes to plan I'll be collecting our new money guzzler this morning.

Cookie's coming round in a minute to help syphon the fuel out of the old car - Hil had put loads of petrol in ready for today's journey.

These two exhibitions have been a long time coming and we've been living hand to mouth. I haven't wanted to sell many pots since Christmas, I've been building up a stock for months for these shows, so I've barely brought any money into the household for ages. I'm hoping people will like what they see and that they'll feel the need to take the pots home with them.

This is my first ever solo show and I'm terrified. It's a scary prospect being centre of the attention. In the band I'm the bass player so I tend to be on the periphery, this is a lot more frighetening than the biggest gig I've ever played.

The last private view I had at the Long Room was a joint exhibition with a number of slipware potters including Clive Bowen and Paul Young. I got so nervous about it that I was struck down with a migraine and didn't make it. Despite my trepidation I'm feeling pretty good this morning so it's all systems go.

Here's a picture of the Love Daddies taken at last night's practice. What a good looking bunch of boys. You can print this out and colour it in with your pencil crayons if you're looking for something exciting to do indoors on a rainy day.


Ingie Mingei said...

Hey Doug, we are all looking forward to seeing you and your family. The pots look great and the sun has just come out - can't be bad. Travel safely. All the best John

ang design said...

how many pieces are in the show? you seem to have enough to stock 10 galleries, I say go for it!

ooh also been meaning to ask you about your kiln pack, there seems to be lots of space throughout is that for lots of flame action?

doug Fitch said...

Hi Ang
Over fifty pieces in London and seventy something in Winchcombe, although I'll be taking more up there with me today in my shiny new car.

Flame action does have something to do with it, I have packed a bit close to the back and roof on occasions and it's caused a bit of a flame trap, but mainly the pack's dictated by the shape, size and quantity of pots. Also according to what kiln furniture I have - I can only fire the big pots at the top because I don't have many big props, I have a variety of shelves, so wide things go on the wider shelves. I guess basically I have a bit of a plan, but it seems to work this way so we've carried on like it. Perhaps I should be more scientific about it, I certainly need to invest in more furniture this year.

Ron said...

Have a great show tonight! Good chatting with you today. Best, Ron

doug Fitch said...

You too Ron, I hope your sale goes well tonight, I'm sure they're going to love your pots, cheers, Doug