Thursday, 17 April 2008


I've been a bit of a headless chicken of late, so today was a very good sorting out kind of day, although I didn't get a lot of potting done. Never mind, I got a good stock of wood in, scavenged from a local scaffolding firm and tomorrow I'll be going to the sawmill to get some skinny wood. That'll be all the wood in and drying ready for the next couple of firings - brilliant.

Marky Mark came up this evening. There was half a pallet of dry brickclay outside so we got it all indoors and soaking down ready to use.

Other than that, I made half a dozen 'wobblies'(mugs) which I'll handle and sprig tomorrow. Really pleased to have got all those other things sorted out.


Hannah said...

Just a little question, are they wobbly mugs or is that just your name for them or have I missed some old traditional mug name thing?

doug Fitch said...

They're wobbly mugs, freely thrown from difficult clay, usually reclaim. I've made them a few times and they've ended up being called wobblies.

I've been handling my wobblies today which I must admit has been most satisfying, I'll put a picture of them on here later.

Looks like you had a great weekend