Tuesday 27 November 2012


Evening all
Nothing much to report, just a few pictures to post.

I  handled and decorated the jugs that I made yesterday. This one's for an order.
Two more 5lb jugs
My clay was a bit too soft today really for making dishes, so I made a couple, then I'm ashamed to say, I  allowed myself to get distracted and made some little dinky 1.5lb jugs.

Other than that, I mixed slip, pugged some clay, drank some tea and came home. Right now I'd better go and jump in the shower as I have pantomime rehearsal tonight so it's all a bit of a hectic rush.
Bye for now


Hollis Engley said...

I love hearing about your pantomime, Doug. And it still sounds like you did real work today.

Unknown said...

Love the dinky jugs! I'd get distracted by them too :)

Clay Affair said...

love them! :)

doug Fitch said...

I've got my Dame's frocks back this year Hollis :)Mandy,I've been enjoying watching your pots. Thank you Clay Affair :)