Tuesday 6 November 2012


Hello all.
I'm back on my feet again after all that moaning, hurrah!
Last week we went to Bath to visit Luke. Here he is on the right with his younger, but taller brother Joe. It was great to see him, he's settled in well and was working on an excellent portrait painting of one of his housemates. We took him out for lunch, filled his belly, then went shopping and filled his cupboards with provisions, before heading off home, leaving him to his night out with his new friends.

I'm busy making again and it feels good to be buzzing around the workshop with purpose. My web site is being redesigned and I'm hoping to have some of these pots finished, fired and on it when it goes live. I'm going to Exeter tomorrow to take some pots to be photographed by my friend Jonny, who is also designing the site. I'm excited to be having it sorted out at long last, it's said 'under construction' for three years or more. It's going to look proper swanky.

The big jugs in this video are going to be in an exhibition in Castlegate House Gallery, Cockermouth. I sent a whole batch of pots there last week for the exhibition that opens on 17th November.

I had a call the other day from Svend Bayer, who is one of my great pottery heroes. He asked if I could go and do a couple of night shifts on his kiln firing. I haven't fired at Svend's for years and had never fired this particular kiln. It was a great, if not exhausting, pleasure.

Well I'm suffering from a nasty cold, so I'm going to sign out now and go to bed, but before I go, can say one last thank you for your support when I was down in the dumps - thank you - oh that's two - ah well.

Bye for now, back soon


Sandy Miller said...

Good to hear you are back and working! I do enjoy stocking the cupboards of my daughter when we go see her! You sound good and over the hump!
Dry wood and hot kilns to you!

Hollis Engley said...

I've gotta get some video lessons from the Devon Master of Film.