Thursday 15 November 2012


Morning all

Here's a very quick post before I dash out of the door. I have to get to the workshop before 9am as the courier is coming to collect these three big jugs.They're going to Cockermouth, to The Catslegate House Gallery

 The beaky jug all finished
He's a strange, grotesque looking fellow and very olde English medieval
 This simple tapered form will be dusted with copper oxide on a white slip, to give it a green speckle on a yellow ground.
 and this baluster will be combed
 8lb jugs

 Marky Mark came by last night and we worked late. He helped me pack the pots for Cockermouth which was great - for some reason I get quite anxious and stressed about packing orders, so it was good to have help.
 Today's wet slip picture.

I'd better get going. Later today I'll be picking Hannah up from the station as we're both going on a course in big pot making this weekend with Nic Collins. I'm looking forward to Nic's course - I want to make some massive pots and it's a treat to be learning the techniques from the expert and one of my best buddies. Fun times ahead with like minded people.

Hannah's staying for a week, during which time we're going to be producing some collaborative works - I'm going to make some big jugs for her to decorate, what a treat.

Here are a couple of little films from the last two days

Autumn colour on this little film.

You'll notice from this one, that Different Dave has got the blunger powered up. All there is to do now is clean the rust from the running gear, then put the belts back on and it should be working at long last, hurrah!

Must go, have a happy Thursday everybody, bye for now.


Hollis Engley said...

Lucky you to spend time watching Nic make big pots. I'd love to do that some dsy. And then a collaboration with the Galloway Slip Queen! Lucky man.

Hollis Engley said...

And those are three beautiful jugs of your own, too.

Dennis Allen said...

Sounds like you have a great week coming up.Look forward to hearing about it.

doug Fitch said...

It was a great day today. I left H up there on the Moor, I hope Nic can cope with her ;)