Tuesday 13 November 2012


Evening all
Here are a few pictures that I took in the lanes this morning on my way to the workshop.

There are some wonderful earthenware tones in the countryside at the moment.

The woodland opposite the workshop has changed colour considerably during the last couple of days
I finished sticking little bits on this big jug at last today, it's taken ages.
Here it is with a coat of white slip
I made these three today. The pot on the left will have a modelled spout and is based on an old medieval beaky pot in York Museum. They'll all make more sense once they have handles, baluster jugs in particular look a bit odd until the handle is on as they have such long necks. These jugs are going to be on my new web site when it's launched in a few weeks time if they come out well. I'm excited about it, I haven't had a proper site for years.

Late night working tomorrow with Marky Mark, right now I'm off to bed, bye for now.

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