Monday 12 November 2012


I'm not in the workshop today, with one thing or another, but here are some snapshots from the past few days.

The end of the rainbow missed again.
The entrance to the orchard last week. All the apples have been harvested and sent off to various cider producers. This year's yield has been very poor right across the country, after all the bad weather that we had throughout the summer. I hope it doesn't affect the price of cider too much.
Ash leaves in the mud. It's worrying this business of Ash Dieback disease. If it gets hold like Dutch Elm disease did, it will completely change the countryside, which will be very sad.

Hil and the boys on a lovely day out at the seaside yesterday in Teignmouth. Luke's here until Saturday, when he'll head off back to college in Bath.

We enjoyed a pint on the beach in the autumnal sunshine. Devon has some some beautiful coastline, Teignmouth is a pretty little town and it was relatively quiet on a Sunday afternoon out of season.

The view from the pub. The fishing boat on the right was unloading its catch - I'm not sure what type of fish they were, pilchards maybe.

The designated driver.

Back soon with some pottery action, bye for now


Tracey Broome said...

What a lovely family you have. It's so hard having a kid off at college isn't it? You get used to them being gone, you find a new rhythm and then they come home and upset that rhythm, you find a new one and then they are gone again!
Looking forward to summer already!

Hollis Engley said...

Nothing like being by the sea, is there, Doug? What a great pub view. We always liked having the boy home, too.

felicity said...

Your pint appears to be finished even though the others havent even started theirs!

doug Fitch said...

Yes Tracey, that's how it is. It's been lovely having him home.

We're lucky in Devon Hollis because it's a peninsular so we have two distinctively different coastlines.

Ha Felicity, I hadn't noticed that. Going to be at Nic's this weekend for his big pot course - we might be out on the town in Moreton at some stage if you care to join us? :)