Monday 21 May 2012


Morning everybody and a happy Monday to you all. Here's a video from Friday. I had hoped to get to work on Saturday, but all of the late nights and long days finally caught up with me and I was knocked out by a migraine attack. So I'm running a little behind, with catching up to do today. The big plan here is to make enough pots for two firings, back to back. The pots from the firings will be for Earth and Fire, Rufford and Art in Clay, Hatfield, then an exhibition in a gallery up north, with Hannah McAndrew and Paul Young. I want to be able to have enough to chose from, so that I can have fresh pots for each event. The Hatfield show is usually in August, but because of the demand of the Olympics on the supply of marquees and portaloos, it's been moved to a fortnight after Rufford, hence the necessity to work so hard right now. The Olympics is something I've never been excited about,as I'm not that interested in sport, so it seems to the uninitiated eye, to be lots of people running round and round and throwing things. I did however enjoy watching the Olympic flame go by on Sunday. Maybe it should inspire another commemorative jug collaboration with Frank? I got the sense that I was experiencing a little bit of history. Well I'll sign out now and head off to work. I don't know what's happened to the paragraphs in recent pots - the blogger software seems to have removed them all - I guess it saves them publishing a whole lot of gaps - it's a pity, negative space is so important, so please excuse these posts ending up being big chunks of text. Have a good start to the week everybody, bye for now.


ang design said...

I think theres something you can tick in blogger to give you back the spaces....seem to remember doing that a while back...did you change to the new dashboard look?? wow back to back firings that's cranking it up a notch!!

Mr. Young said...

That jug in the video ... that's the first time I've seen you do the neck as a separate, added on piece. Do you do all of them that way? Or did you just run short when you reached the top of that particular jug? Inquiring minds want to know!

Joe Troncale said...

Great getting to watch you throw!
Thanks for sharing the experience!
You (and the jugs) are smokin'!!!

doug Fitch said...

Thanks Ang - yes, maybe a little ambitious, but I have to give it a go.

Hi Robert - I do the big ones like that - it just makes it easier to concentrate on getting a full bellied form, without worrying about the neck collapsing.

Cheers Joe :)