Tuesday 22 May 2012


Morning folks Yesterday wasn't as productive as I had hoped - I was still feeling really wiped out by the weekend's migraine and a couple of times, I had to take a lie down on the workshop sofa. That said, I got everything done that I set out to do, apart from making any big pots - I'll have to make double today. I think Mary Mark is coming over this evening, so I'll put some hours in. The Jubilee jug is now glazed and will go in to the kiln today. I'll be much relieved to see that come through the firing. Time to go to work Bye for now ps Here's the Olympic torch going past my brother's office at the weekend - see if you can guess which one is my brother. Hil makes an appearance too :-)


Joe Troncale said...

Best wishes with the anniversary jug!!
Please post many pictures!!
Sorry about your migraine...Get some additional rest.

doug Fitch said...

Thanks Joe. The jug will be out tomorrow and if it comes out fine, I'll be taking it to the photographer's for some professional photos