Sunday 6 May 2012

Weekend waffle

Well just as I was about to leave work at 5.30 on Friday evening, I checked everything that was being kept damp under polythene, only to discover that some of it was getting a bit dry and needed handling. So my hopes of an early retreat were dashed and I had to work on until late. There are still a fair few pots to handle in the morning. I think I must have made half a kiln load of pots during last week. There's still a lot to do with them - throwing is the relatively speedy part of the process, the finishing and decorating is what really takes the time. It's the decorating that I find the most difficult aspect of all this. I feel like I'm making good progress though and to be looking forward to getting to work in the morning is a good feeling. Marky Mark came over yesterday and we graded and stacked the delivery of wood that arrived last weekend. It should be good and dry for the next firing. It's a relief to get it in. Some still needs cutting - my friend and fellow Love Daddy, Cookie is going to come and chainsaw it for me this week. After that, it was off to the seaside at Charmouth in Dorset. Here we played a gig along with a wonderful 'Posh Choir' and some amazing classical musicians. An interesting mixture of styles - we certainly sent a few punters home as soon as we struck up! Marky Mark's coming to work again tomorrow for a few hours of jolly potting in the morning. I'll tell you all about it tomorrow. Have a good start to the week everybody, bye for now


Peter said...

Charmouth...., brought back wonderful childhood memories of two family holidays that we had there (back in the 1960s... eeek!). I helped dam a little river one year, and we enjoyed all the fossils that seemed to be everywhere on the beach. Interesting sticky blue clay there if I remember rightly?? Any good for slip?

Joe Troncale said...

What a concert! I am laughing thinking about the crowd...Music brings people together, sort of like pottery...
Good luck with the wood!

Joe Troncale said...

Peter, one of my friends tried using beach clay once and everything crumbled when it was fired, but who knows what would happen without trying?
Doug, could you comment about why you use a torch on the pots? Do they need to be firmed up or does it prevent cracking? Just wondering.
Thanks. Joe

doug Fitch said...

Hi chaps
Peter, lovely to hear from you I hope the firing is a good one. I once fired some clay for somebody that they'd got from the beach and much the same happened as Joe described - all the calcium deposits I think that turned to quick lime, expanded and blew.

Joe I think we brought people together to run out of the door :)

I use the torch when I'm joining sections of pots - the tall jug ha the base thrown, then was blasted, then a part thrown neck added and thrown in place. Also I like to leave the slurry on the outside of the pots when they're thrown, which makes the impossible to lift off the wheelhead, so I toughen them a little so that I can move them. I ought to use bats really, but playing with fire is too much fun :-)

Joe Troncale said...

Thanks for the explanation! It makes sense to me. I just haven't watched you from start to finish (which would be a great treat!)