Wednesday 23 May 2012


Yesterday was a beautiful sunshiny day in Devon - today looks like it's going to be much the same. I still feel really run down at the moment, it's not easy being a man with a cold. No pots made still, but slip mixed and jars decorated. There are more to decorate today, then I can clear the decks and maybe get back in the swing again. I'm off to Luke's private view this evening. This will mark the end of his Art Foundation course, which is the stepping stone that will take him to university in September. I'm looking forward to seeing all his work properly hung - he's worked exceptionally hard. Well, it's off to work I go - have a lovely day all


Joe Troncale said...

Please post some of Luke's work!
Hope you feel better soon!

doug Fitch said...

Cheers Joe - antibiotics and a decent night's sleep should do it I hope. I'll post more of Luke's work soon :)