Tuesday 15 May 2012


It's in the kiln! Fingers crossed. Luke came to work with me yesterday and stacked all the wood in the woodshed, ready for the next firing. He's finished his art foundation course now and will be heading off to university to study painting in September, so I'm going to make the most of his youthful muscles while he's still at home! My poor body is certainly feeling plenty of aches and pains. The decorating marathon still continues, but I know for sure that it'll end today and then I can start the cycle all over again with a new batch of wet pots. Lidded jars next I think - and maybe a few more jugs - one can never have too many jugs. Marky Mark is coming over this evening, so I'll put in a long day. Bye for now


Anonymous said...

My God, tending to the Imperial Jug is its like being given a baby to look after, will you be able to return it safely, all in one piece? What a risk of friendship.

Is that why you and the dog morphed at the end of that clip? Practicing for the worse case scenario?

Joe Troncale said...

Your son's support in the woodshed is gratifying to hear about. The budding artist
There can never be enough jugs! Beautiful creations!

doug Fitch said...

When I left work late last night, the kiln was cool enough to open, but I was too scared to peep, so that's this morning's job - it's scary being responsible for other people's hard work :)