Tuesday 1 May 2012

Cambridge and back

Evening all I went to Cambridge on Saturday and took the show down. I really enjoyed the show and I'm looking forward to then next Rolling Structures event, which I'll blog about in due course. Thank you to everybody who came and bought pots. A special thank you to James and Samantha. I drove home afterwards and got home at 1am, completely wired from drinking too much Red Bull - lying in bed at 2.30 am, I was still awake!!!! So today I've been getting back in to making, with a batch of 7lb tapered jugs. 8lb fat jugs next. It's been crazy wind and rain again today - even more tomorrow, and cold too, I'm regretting that hair cut.


Mark Hodgkinson said...

Aloha Doug,

Once again, Mahalo for the excellent video's. The road video is helping my head get ready for the transition to driving on English roads!! Thanks
Was wondering if it's cool to come visit you and your studio?
Hope the sun comes out soon! I guess, all this rain is still a good thing, no more drought, I hope.

Dixie Nichols said...

I am glad to see Mr and Mrs Duck are getting paid for their film work.

doug Fitch said...

Oh yes Dixie, they get paid well - in fact they've scoffed all my bird seed