Monday 15 November 2010


Hurrah, my camera is working again after the sugar mishap of last week. Here are some pictures from recent days - it'll only take sweet photos now, ha ha

Well maybe not
Slipped pots, drying in the workshop. I'm having real difficulty getting pots dry at the moment, in spite of the wood burner being cranked right up.
More of the same
A tall bottle, about 20" in height. It's more slender than some that I've made in the past. A couple more of these tomorrow.
Some big jugs - 18" in height. I've made five of these, I'll get the sixth made in the morning. These will fill the bottom of the kiln.
A frosty field along Hollyford lane this morning
Beech leaves, beautiful whatever the season
Frost. It was a stunning day today, warm sunshine this afternoon.
Firing a week on Saturday, then new pots, woohoo


Congresburypotter said...

Hi Doug, good to see you & camera back in action but not too sure what's goin' on with the hair!! Is the WPA team scraffito jug going into the next firing?
Have used some of the castors you got me for the trolley under the mud trap in my new studio - lovely job!

doug Fitch said...

Ha, cool, I was wondering about your castors only today, glad they're doing the job. I look a bit mad - it's the winter coat that I'm growing. Yes, the jug's going in the firing - I hope you like brown and bubbly as a glaze effect :)

Ron said...

Ha good one Doug. Ready for some new pots!!

Anonymous said...

lovelybaluster jugs, where did the influence for those come from ? look forward to seeing them finished.


Congresburypotter said...

Brown and bubbly, mmmm, sounds like cider, which has to be good!! Hope the firing gives you some great results to go with the beautiful shapes you've thrown - look forward to seeing sweet pix.

Paul Jessop said...

Hi Doug, great to see these new pots fab shapes as ever. I'm growing a winter coat as well. Cor blimey it's cold today.

James said...

Douglas Potter Hands