Friday 26 November 2010

2 days to firing time

Not long in from work and really tired so this is very brief
Biscware awaiting glazing. The jug that WPA decorated is there in the middle with leaves and birdies on.
Marky Mark glazing his pots
And me doing mine
Some glazed pots. There are a few more to do in the morning, then MM and I will pack the kiln tomorrow evening, preheat overnight wth a gas burner and start firing with wood early on Saturday morning. There was talk on the local radio of the possibiliy of snow this weekend - I really hope it doesn't - does that make me a miseryguts?
Back soon
PS Anon, I measured the 8lb jugs, they're 12" high


Hollis Engley said...

Looks like it will be a good kiln-load, Doug. Good luck with it.

ang design said...

mmm gorgeous stuff! ake sure you post some of mm's pieces after firing they look cool :)) you'll be nice and toasty by the kiln...

Congresburypotter said...

Hope the snow doesn't mess up your firing Doug. We had quite a lot this afternoon but it hasn't settled thank goodness. Snow is fine as long as you don't have to be anywhere else...I've got my first Open Studio tomorrow and Sunday, and the last thing I want is people not being able to get there!!

Craig Edwards said...

Pretty good lookin pots you have there! Good Fires

Ron said...

Good luck w. the packing and the firing. Hope it doesn't snow.

sonja said...

I have just discovered your blog and like it very much! The photographs are good, I can almost smell the mud.

Your style is sort of mix between modern and traditionally English ( B Leach), or am I mistaken?

Anonymous said...

Is that a stack of TILES I can see in a couple of those pics!!!!


doug Fitch said...

Cheers all
Well as you'll gather from my most recent post, the blizzards never came thankfully and all seemed to go well - but then it always does seem to go well, so I'm not getting too excited about the outcome. I'll make sure I get some MM's on here Ang. Sonja, nice to 'meet' you. Yes, i'd say that describes my work well - I think what I make is very 'English', BL without the oriental twist I guess - I suppose I'm much more a disciple of Michael Cardew, who descended from Leach, but embraced the English slipware tradition much more than Leach did. Dave, they are indeed your tiles - if you'd like a sneaky preview and don't want to spoil the surprise, check here
Karen I hope the Open Studio goes with a swing