Monday 1 March 2010

A trip to Plymouth

Hi there the World, hope your weekend was good.

Thank you for your sympathies and advice about my bad back - I'm pleased to say it's fine now - I just needed to spend a bit more time lying on it I think.

Saturday, Marky Mark and I made an early start and repaired the roof. As you can see, we did a fantastic job of it - hmm, well it works at least! We're available at very competitive rates should you require the benefit of our skills. Truth is, the whole kiln shed roof will be being replaced in a few weeks, so it's a quickly bodged repair until I can afford to repair it properly. It'll keep the rain out in the meantime.

Unfortunately, my car wouldn't start, so we had to walk home, which as it transpired, was a great pleasure. Here's MM, walking down the hill at Stockleigh English.

Saturday evening, my older son Luke came up to the workshop to do some work on his art project. More about that when it's developed. It's his birthday today, 17, wow, where did the time go?

It's also Hollis' birthday and my friend Paul's, the chap who nominated for the Blogger Award, happy birthday to you both.

I still haven't heard from Dorset Cereals about the Blogger Award, but I think I might have won the egg cup! Thanks for your votes my lovelies.

Guess what, you can now vote for my friend Hannah who appears to have been nominated by somebody. Please vote for her

Today, (with my car running again thankfully), I've been to Plymouth Museum to restock the showcase with some new pots in my ongoing exhibition. In the pictures, Alison Cooper (Assistant Keeper of Art)and Adam Milford(Site Education Assistant), who sorted the cabinet out for me.

This harvest jug has left the exhibition and is off to a new home.
Here's an original North Devon Harvest Jug in one of the museum cabinets.




Well that's enough excitement for now. More pots to make tomorrow, goodnight all.


ang design said...

oooohh aahhhh THAT is a truly lovely piece and the writing...mmmm is that an original harvest jug?

doug Fitch said...

Surely is Ang. There are some close ups on my Facebook - beautiful itallic script

cookingwithgas said...

Great post- love the pots and hope you get an egg cup.

Anonymous said...

damn those are nice jugs! your roof shot gives me a reason to use one of my favorite sayings from the arkansas traveler... say stranger, why don't you fix your roof? well, because when it's a' rainin' it's to wet to fix it and when it's dry, it's just as good as any man's roof.

Hollis Engley said...

Nice stuff from Plymouth, Doug. And happy birthday to Luke. March 1 has always been a fine day for me.

Kitty Shepherd said...

I love the roof shot it looks like Charlie's roof in Charlie and Chocolate Factory.
Plymouth Museum is so great and Ali is the most enthsiastic curator of ceramics I know. Their collection of Devon ware is awsome.

Inky Leaves said...

So nice to see pictures of Plymouth Museum and Ali and Adam. I used to work there... they are an enthusiastic bunch! I think those new display cases really show of their collection well, and it is the first thing that the visitors see in the main entrance. Great stuff.

doug Fitch said...

Cheers Meredith - still haven't heard anything about the egg cup - guess I didn't win it :-(
Jim, that's funny :-)
Kitty I saw your pot again looking lovely in its cabinet. Ali and Adam are great indeed, they're going to come and make some pots with me some time soon. Jessica they were saying that you used to work with them