Friday 26 February 2010


Hello the World
I've been suffering a bit during the last couple of days with a bad back - I pulled it on Wednesday when I was dragging wood out of the pile. It meant that my plans to make bigger pots over the past couple of days have been a bit thwarted. Thankfully by this afternoon, it had eased up - lots of kneading big lumps of clay sorted it out, so I managed to get a couple of large baluster jugs made - I'll take some pictures of them tomorrow once I've got the handles on. I made a big 20lb cider jar too, but didn't like it, so I flattened it and re kneaded it before I came home this evening - try again tomorrow.

The picture above shows a few of the pots I have in the workshop, drying out ready for bisc firing.
Many thanks to Kim Morgan for sending me this invitation all the way from New Zealand. Blogger Paul wrote in his post today about the magic of the blog thing and how it connects so many of us across the globe. It makes everything real when something like this comes through the post. Thank you Kim, who knows, one day I may venture beyond the end of my lane and drop in on you and Peter in New Zealand. Good luck with the show, keep in touch.
This is Jess slipping some sweet bowls yesterday. She came back this evening to finish them off.

Different Dave came by this morning - it was good to see him. He's coming back after the firing in a couple of weeks, to help me rebuild the woodshed, so we hatched a plan over a cup of tea and worked out how best to do it with the salvaged materials that I've been stockpiling for the job.
Here's a crazy pot awaiting bisc firing.

This was the view from my workshop window this evening - how wonderful to see the sunshine, there was a real feeling of Spring in the air for a while. My first daffodil has burst its bud and will be in full bloom by the start of next week - I'm very easily excited by such things.

Ah, another picture of those jars. The colours of the slips are great at this stage.

Early start tomorrow. The kilnshed roof has a really bad leak so Marky Mark and I are going to repair it in the morning. We're going to take loads of rubbish to the tip too. It's bound to rain, of course!
Happy weekend all


Margaret Brampton said...

It's good to see all that work building up. Thanks for the links the other day to the aquamaniles. Lats hope it doesn't rain tomorrow.

ang design said...

so much happening mr fitch i love the 1st pic it looks like it could be ages ago in a potters shed in the country!! hah!! glad everything is falling into place, fix the roof get the shed built all sound just brilliant...take it easy this wkd you need your back...hi jess..

Anna M. Branner said...

I sympathize over the weak back. I have been struggling with that myself the last two weeks followed by a horrible head cold! But you sure have managed to once again produce some beautiful work. More of those awesome jars! :)

Trish said...

What a wonderful busy day you had after 'the back attack', I can relate, so glad you are feeling better.
We have no daffodils blooming,and unfortunately no sheep grazing in my back yard, but the sun did shine today. Our Alberta winter has had so many foggy days this year - very unusual for us - so nice to feel the warmth of the 'almost spring' sunshine.
Happy days.
..and the pots..well..Fabulous! ;)

Richard Law said...

I sympathise with your back problem Doug. I used to get them and had extended sessions with a chiropractor, that cured it. But now as a preventive measure I do stretching exercises every morning, only takes about 10 minutes and it's really good. Try this site If you find you like it and want more, this is a really good book: Stretching by Bob Anderson. Now get that kiln filled! Great work, keep it coming.

Peter said...

Hi Doug,
Back pain, not nice. Great to see the new work coming on though, and interesting to follow the link to another NZ potter (Always good to know that there are others out there...!). Had a lovely evening with Jeff and Stella, who zoomed down here again to say good bye before heading on to Tasmania. Such a lovely couple, a joy to be with. Thanks so much for sending the mug with them!

Anonymous said...

love the crazy pot... sorry to hear about the back, hope it feels better soon.

Anonymous said...

That bloody Ram's got some tackle on it!

Anonymous said...

Come on then...It's March 1st, did you win an egg cup? It's killing me not knowing....

Kitten DF

doug Fitch said...

Thanks all, Hi Margaret, hi Ang. Sorry to hear you're crook Anna, no fun. Hil has a nasty virus at the moment - occupational hazard of being a teacher. Trish, my first daf was in full bloom today - brough joy to my heart. We have sunshine forecst for the week and 10 degrees - it's acoming :)

Richard, thanks for the link. I was able to pass it on this evening to another potter friend who has back trouble at the moment and was very appreciative. Mine is better now thankfully, I really need to get into the habit of that exercise routine.

Peter, I do hope we get to meet some time. I enjoyed watching your raku video the other day - it was good to hear your voice. I look forward to hearing all about you from Jeff and Stella when they get back.

Cheers Jim, enjoyed your video too the other day, the one of Sophia singing - what a sweetheart!

DF, I don't know! And yes indeed, quite a fellow that ram!