Monday 29 March 2010

Glum :(

I've felt really glum since I got home from France - it was so good out there, I suppose I'm bound to feel a bit flat now that everything's back to normal :(

It's good to have new pots in the freshly painted 'showroom' :)

but to my eyes right now, the shelves are half empty rather than half full :(

The glaze quality on the 'Elizabethan Lady' jug is beautiful :)

but the big crack in her side isn't :(

Moan moan moan, the gearbox destroyed itself on my car last week, so that's the end of that, no car :(

Sooooooooooooooooo....The positive from this is that Spring is around the corner and much is happening in the hedgerows. I made my best pots last time that I was walking to and from the workshop, as the mud and the plants of Devon countryside find their way into my work :)

My good friend, woodcarver and fellow Love Daddy, Paul 'Cookie' Cook has offered me lifts a few mornings a week - that's the uphill, half awake bit, so I'll probably take the ride on those mornings, then walk home in the evenings. Now that the clocks have changed, it'll be daylight :)

I'll see how it goes and how much I miss the car before replacing it. We have two cars, Hil uses the other one for getting to work, in the opposite direction, but on days when I really need a car, I can drop her off and use that one.

This is more jolly, I've had my older son Luke with me at Hollyford in the last few days which has been cool. He's working on a school sculpture project using the variety of clays diggable here on site.

He's making a huge amonite, based on the Fibonacci Sequence and drawing influence from the sculptor Andy Goldsworthy :)

For my part, I prepared lots of clay today, ready to get making tomorrow. Perhaps I'll post something less gloomy then. I can't be so fed up or I wouldn't be able to post at all, so don't worry, but right now I have to say, a nice easy nine to five with no responsibility, no pressure and a regular wage every week looks very attractive!

Tomorrow's another day, hopefully it'll be a constructive one.


Ron said...

Sorry to hear about the car and the big crack! Totally a drag. Ah, the downs and ups. Hopefully the Ups are coming. Showroom looks wonderful. Wow, good on Luke for that amazing work he's doing. Hang in there, we are all cheering for you.

ang design said...

There has to be a 2nd H' new gear box around with all those PG's all is not lost...and what a stunning show room..another load and it will be overflowing..and the EL pot is just stunning she can be a show piece as she should!! here's to a new week...'just keep going' as a dear friend said to me last week...

cookingwithgas said...

nothing like a spin on the wheel to get back to where you should be.

FetishGhost said...

The downs make the ups that much more sweet... That crack is a drag though.

Jude said...

Oh dear, don't be down for too long doesn't suit you!!
Good on Luke..must be rather chilly still.
That workshop looks wonderful, good luck.
Take care..
ps..what about a bike...depends on the steepness of the hill I suppose..but think of the ride home...wwwweeeeeeeeee!

Paul Jessop said...

Don't be a Miserable Bastard, That showroom looks the business. and I sold one of your pots on Friday so I'll get a cheque in the post later today.

Brad Lail said...

Spring is in the air!!! some sweet inspirationis on the way! Lukes sculpture looks so awesome... he should take pictures of it every day as it slowly flows back into the ground from the rain. Showing the video would be very Goldsworthy esque. Keep up the good work, and the showroom looks sweet!

Anonymous said...

cars... i hate cars, that's a rarity in the US. but hey, luke, go man go. that is one helluva sculpture he's got going. always liked what goldsworthy was doing and thought he found the perfect solution for a person that just likes to hang out in the woods all day

Anonymous said...

Cheer up you miserable sod! You could be driving 60 miles each way to work every day and looking out on a workshop full of bogies instead of walking through the country lanes and looking out on fields!
Make some tiles and sell them to us!


Hollis Engley said...

Buck up, little cowboy. It's all temporary s--t and it will all go away, to be replaced by lovely, crackless pots, lambs and lilacs. Oh, and some kind of dependable transport, too.

Liz said...

sorry to hear about your car, it sucks. But your Elizabethan lady is gorgeous! Even with the crack. I think your showroom is lovely.