Thursday 4 March 2010

All done

Well I've had a few very long days recently - I got home at 1 am this morning, so I'm really tired tonight, but I feel content in the knowledge that everything is pretty much finished for this firing now. There are lots of things I don't have and some things that I have a lot of, but it's the first firing of the year and there will be another one to follow, hot on the heels of this one, in early May.

Tomorrow as soon as Hil and the boys get in from school, we're off to a lodge house in Worcestershire, for a weekend away with my parents, my sister and my brother and his family, to celebrate my Dad's 80th birthday.

I've been anxious that I should get everything made and finished by tomorrow's deadline, so that I can go away and forget about pottery, relax and enjoy this special weekend. I haven't seen my folks since just after Christmas and we're rarely together, siblings and all, so it's going to be lovely.

This is a large Tyg that I finished this evening - it took hours to make.

Here's a little sgrafitto jug.

And a selection of baluster jugs

And here's a little video of today's sunshine.

That's all from me for now, have fun everybody, catch you soon.


klineola said...

That TYG is amaaazing! I like the variety of stamps that work so nicely together. Thanks for the springtime sun video! We still have snow 'blowin'in the wind'!

Daffodils already!!

Hollis Engley said...

No daffodils on Cape Cod. It's been snowing lightly for going on three days. Feels like a ski mountain resort around here. Have a good holiday, Doug.

ang design said...

wehey your sprigging is just going off! brilliant stuff, i must say its looking quite organized and spacious even in your wkshp, well done! lovely sunshine...

cookingwithgas said...

Nice pots- so much detail!
Have some fun away- the pots will wait.

Ron said...

Looking good Doug. Love the tyg. Have a good time away.

Linda Starr said...

Love the tyg; it is wonderful.

Anonymous said...

You've caught the feel of the recent weather perfectly and so wonderfully quite.
Happy birthday Mr Fitch senior


James said...

Hi Doug,

I hope you, Hil and the boys have a great weekend away to CHILL! That Tyg looks rather impressive.
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All the best


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Paul Jessop said...

Nice to see a comment from Nestle's marketing dept.

Have a good break you sound tired at the end there.

Ps: I finally got a memory card for my camera, so some short vids on the way soon.

Hannah said...

The birds tweetinf at the end of that video sent my budgie on a fluttering tweeting crazy bouncing spree! Can yo uput a warning on next time please.

Anonymous said...

great video doug, looks like a dreamy day for a walk. i really like the tyg although i'm not sure i want to actually pass diseases with it. good to hear longevity is in your genes with your dad at 80. lots of nice pots around on your tour.

FetishGhost said...

Thanks for the studio tour! That's an excellent place to hideout and get things done.