Wednesday 27 January 2010

Wintry Wednesday

It was another icy one this morning. The ice and snow have wrecked the track that leads to the Hollyford.

This is the wintry sky yesterday evening. The light was most peculiar, everything had a lilac tinge to it as the sun went down.

The hedgerows are fairly dormant at the moment - it'll be a while yet before they burst into life, that's something to look forward to. These ferns are common in the lanes of the Westcountry.

Charley Chaffinch was boss of the birdtable today and wasn't prepared to share the spoils at all, as he hassled the other birds away. As ever, the birds are my company and distract me from my labours all day long.

The racks that I built the other day drove me mad and much as I tried to ignore the fact that they were running downhill, I could stand looking at them no longer. Yesterday I took a trip to the scaffold company and bought a load more scrap boards. Last night, Marky Mark and I replaced the squiffy shelves with this much sturdier structure, two shelves for the storage of press moulds, with a bench section below. I have quite a few of these moulds that I rescued from Mr Cardew's pottery. Underneath is full of bags of clay at present, but in time it'll be sorted out with drawers and cupboards. Those boards are fantastic - this dresser cost £15 to build - bargain.

More of those big earthy tankards completed today, with applied decoration. I've four more to finish in the morning. It'll be another disrupted day as I've to take Joey to have his braces adjusted at the orthodentist poor lad.

So I've made a start and it's good to see new pots on the shelves for the first time in ages. It stresses me out when the shelves are empty. I'm so behind at the moment, having lost all that time during the snow, so I can foresee long days ahead in order to get the kiln filled ready to fire in early March.

Well that's all for tonight, I've been out at pantomime rehearsal again this evening and I'm worn out, so off to bed. I saw my first little lambs of the year today, so I'll leave you with this picture - awwwwwwwwwwwww.

PS Thank you Tim for the newspaper cutting - I brought it home and have put it, with your letter, somewhere 'safe' in my chaotic house, so a blog post to come about that as soon as I find it. Cheers!


ang design said...

sweeet shelves, hi marky mark, waving...way cool on the muggage front... you'll just have to pull an all nighter to catch up, crank up the stove, byo curry! copious amounts of tea and your set...

Dan Finnegan said...

We had a lilac sky tonight! Nice mugs.

Today's word verification is:
"huge rim"

Ron said...

Thank goodness you fixed those shelves, I couldn't sleep. Ha. Love the tankards.

cookingwithgas said...

Those are great tankards!
This has really been a winter for all of us.
I can't wait to have spring.

Anonymous said...

beautiful shot of the night sky... i see you fixed the squiffy shelves. thanks for the new adjective, i will use it frequently

Margaret Brampton said...

Glad you got those shelves sorted. It was only going to be irritating! Those new ones look good. I think those tankards look great could just picture myself with a pint of beer in one of those.

Hollis Engley said...

I'm a "squiffy" fan, myself. Perhaps because my whole studio is squiffy. And I love the tankards.

doug Fitch said...