Wednesday 6 January 2010

Cut off

Snow everywhere today and the village is cut off still this evening. Here's Hil and our friend Dave outside our house this afternoon. Dave's a truck driver and today's the first time in his long driving career that he's not been able to get to work. The council are running out of grit, so they don't come out into the sticks where we live.

Hil's school was closed, as was the boys' so everyone was at home today. They'll be off tomorrow too, the boys' school has already announced it's not opening and there's no way Hil will get out of the villge in the morning, this snow's here for a while. Just got the forecast on and they're saying more snow on Sunday, meanwhile, what we have already, will freeze. The village is in a valley with fairly steep hills out either side, so we very quickly get cut off here.

My mate Poshpipes Clarke came round with his dog Annie this afternoon and kept me company on the walk to the workshop.

Why anybody would want to block the pub door so you can't get in, is beyond me!

A good layer of snow on the workshop roof. We stayed for a cup of tea, then walked home again. It's a good round trip, about six miles with a cuppa half way. We had run out of milk at home and I knew I had some at the workshop, so it was an essential journey - we need our tea quota in our house. It's a sign of the times that we live in a rural community, surrounded by dairy farms, yet we rely on plastic bottles pasteurised milk from the Post Office.

It's such a distraction having the family at home, I really need to get some work done. Oh well, I guess it doesn't happen round here all that often that we get snow like this - although it was only back in February that I was stuck in a pub, in bed with a snoring Love Daddy.

Well, I'll make a better effort at getting to work tomorrow - well maybe.


Hollis Engley said...

You do live in the wilderness, don't you, Doug? Glad you can reach the computer and keep us all up to date with the blog. Hang in there.

Trish said...

I am thinking of you in England today being affected by the can so interrupt our daily routines.. We had three feet of snow one year (which even for Alberta is a big deal!) and that actually "cut us off" for days too.
Take care.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

Looks like around here in NY. Mighty pretty if you don't have any plans :)

ang design said...

wow it looks brilliant a snow blanket everywhere but i'm sure its freezing!! ive been to the snow here but i reckon its the warm kind, i even take my jacket off there... oops and took my gloves off before sliding down the ice on my knuckles!

Brad Lail said...

All that news and then the pub door is slammed up. dang that stinks! I am sure the boys are happy though. Sounds like a good time to me... I guess you could try and play skittles down the stairs or something.... you may get very good at wii tennis.

doug Fitch said...

Evening all. Crazy thing is, there's only about 6" of snow, but because we're in a valley, it doesn't take much to cut us off. It's ok if you have a 4x4. Stuff's getting through now, but we just had a call to say the boys' school is closed tomorrow. Hil's planning on going in, but now her car won't start and mine's stuck at the workshop, so not quite sure how that's going to happen. It is indeed Pretty Gary and that's how I've been consoling myself for not getting any work done - at least there's lots to look at that might come out in some form of decoration at a later date. Wii tennis, that could be good for building up my snowballing elbow maybe.