Wednesday 13 January 2010

Wednesday waffle

I got some more racking made today. A while ago I was fortunate enough to inherit the racks from Wenford Bridge Pottery. They're the ones with holes and pegs. There were loads more pegs than holes, so when I found these two lengths of timber at the tip the other day, I knew just what I could use them for. Of course what I forgot is that my floor slopes, so they're at a curious angle - oh well, I may adjust them - but I'll probably just live with them like it.

The snow's all gone at home, but up at the workshop there's still loads. This is the view from the window beside my wheel. I watched from this window today as the Barn Owl flew through the valley looking for food. I think the birds are all hungry at the moment poor things, so they're having to hunt harder and for longer for their food. I've kept the bird table stocked with fat balls and peanuts - it's been busy on there.

As the day went on, it thawed,then turned to slush - very slippery slush. After having got my car home yesterday, I managed to get it stuck again today in the slushy, muddy puddles outside the workshop - doh!

So it's back on my feet again in the morning. I'm looking forward to it, not least because my new camera arrived today and I'm hoping to get a few shots of things in the winter countryside that are going to end up in my next batch of pots.

Seems crazy that such a small amount of snow can bring things to a standstill.

Today I added the extra chimney to the burner and it worked a treat. It's the first time I've had a decent fire in there since last Spring - ah warmth. The chimney was so unsafe though, that I took it down again this evening - I need to fix it up better tomorrow.

Ages ago, Blogger Clay Perry agreed a swap of one of his beautifully carved walking canes for a mug, so I made this one, with his face on it. Unfortunately I immediately chipped it, so didn't send it. The pot next to it is a replacement which I'm going to decorate with a sgrafitto version of Mr Perry.

I've been enjoying using the cane on my walks through the snow, but also as part of my costume in the Pantomime, where it has been much admired.

These are the goblets that I've made for the panto. They're to be used at 'The Shrine of Love, in the Emerald Valley', no less. In between the 'jewels', (which will be glazed green), there are going to be sgraffito hearts. They're very English, for a play that's supposed to be set in Turkey!

The panto opens a week on Friday, so we're rehearsing nearly every night this week, and on Sunday afternoon and most nights next week too. I nearly know all my lines now, but I'm just a little(a lot) worried about the song that I have to sing - it demands a rather different style from the raucous 'singing' I'm accustomed to emitting as backing vocals with the Love Daddies - doubtless it'll be just as tuneless though.


Roop Johnstone said...

Nice stove Doug. Wonky shelves are good! That is my motto for the day. Do you still have a phone in your workshop? At the firing we talked about mouldmakers in Bovey and I wanted to ask you a bit more about that.
cheers mate

Margaret Brampton said...

Thanks for the link to the Harry Juniper jug. What a jug. But also what an amazing collection of slipware. I notice a wassail bowl on there-I am making wassail bowls at the moment partly because I am waiting for a delivery of clay as I am low so I thought I would make some slower things!!
Amazing shelves- I couldn't help laughing-sorry!

klineola said...

Beautiful photographs of your cold countryside. Do you have a new camera!?!

Anonymous said...

hey doug... that's a killer stove, wow! lots going on there, tickled by you leaving your shelves slanted... makes me think of me as i would have done the same.

doug Fitch said...

Howdy all
Roop, hope you got my mail via FB.

Jon's site is a fantastic resource for slipware potters isn't it Margaret? I have to make a wassail pot myself for the next firing. It's going to be kept in the local pub and used in the orchards that I walk through on my way to work.

New camera indeed MK - it's quite a fancy one and came with a book of girl's words(instructions) which of course, being a bloke, I haven't read, but it just allows me to point and press and that's my kind of photography.

More squiffy shelves going up today I think Jim - my spirit level disappeared into a pile of other junk somewhere in the woorkshop some time ago - oh well it's all very pre-industrial revolution and shabby chic!