Monday 25 January 2010

Muddy Monday

Saturday's panto was much better, things went much more smoothly and a full-house audience, who were up for joining in the fun, got things going with a swing. A rehearsal on Wednesday night to brush up on any mistakes, then two more nights at the weekend. It's a lot of work for a play that runs for four nights only, but it's worth it.

I got back into potting today, with the first proper run of pots of the year. The workshop's almost finished inside now - certainly enough to start making pots again without falling over things. So I jumped on Mr Cardew's wheel and made a dozen big, softly thrown, olde English tankards. The clay was really soft and works well for making a shape like this - a fuller bellied form would just collapse.

I like the idea of working very simply and directly into soft clay and I think these are going to be quite interesting when covered in a thin slip. Whether I'm deluded or not remains to be seen!


Anonymous said...

Hey Doug! Guess where I've been today? Hiding up a tree from 8.30am till it started to go dark. Dogs eh! I hate em!!!

Like the new pots, hows my mum & brother?

Kitten Doug Fitch

doug Fitch said...

Blimey, a typing cat!
Mum and brother spoilt rotten!

ang design said...

hahahahah good one mr fitch! ooohawwwwrrrrr the lovely brown stuff i remember it some red in the studio fridge will be trying it soon!!!

Ron said...

Man that tankard with the pushed in pills of clay is spot on!!!!

Peter said...

Must be a very special moment getting the mud on Mr Cardew's wheel. How good that it is in use again. The tankards look like they are still dancing all lined up on the shelf all in the mood for some beer and celebration. Lovely!

Hannah said...

Good day to you Mr G. Wazir,
Clay in a fridge and typing mogs! Whatever next?
Yes the one with the pressed in dots, mmmmmmm.
Yours Miss P. Slipware

Anonymous said...

the wazir is a wizar(d) at the wheel... i love the soft stuff myself

klineola said...

soft clay
I am particularly fond of the floret/heart prunts.