Monday 4 January 2010

Back to work

Well I got back to work today. I slept really badly last night - I think my body's timeclock is all over the place at the moment and I lay in bed for hours thinking about things that I needed to get done today. Of course, nothing quite worked out how it was supposed to.

To start with, the water authorities were digging the road up so the water was switched off in the village so they could do repairs. That was fine, they'd given us warning and pots and kettles were filled. What was irritating though was that they managed to hit electricity cables, so the power went off - no morning cup of tea - no happy :-(

The roads were really icy this morning. The gritter lorries rarely get out into rural areas like this and we've had several days now where the ice on the road has been compacted by traffic. The boys returned from the bus stop as the school bus hadn't been able to get into the village.

I set off to work, but after about 100 yards my car engine cut out. The diesel light had come on yesterday about five miles from the village - normally there's plenty of fuel when this happens, but not this time, so there I was with no option than to walk the three miles or so to the workshop. Not really a problem, I used to do it all the time and was only saying to Hil last night that I want to start walking again - it keeps me fit and has a really positive affect on my work.

As it transpired, Different Dave had decided to visit me and met me en route, so took me the rest of the way.

This is the icy bridge over Hollywater.

Waiting for me at the workshop was this lovely mug from my Secret Santa, Jim Gottuso . Thank you Jim very much, I love it and it's been put to good use already.

One of the jobs I managed to get done today was fitting this new woodburner. I've had no heating in the workshop since my old burner finally fell apart back in the spring, so it's been chilly sometimes to say the least. I'm an advocate of keeping the place cool and wearing lots of clothes and keeping busy, but it's difficult to dry pots and only a matter of time before the frost gets in and does some damage, so it was good to get this sorted. I'll need to take that shelf down, that's tomorrow's job.

The chimney is hideous, but it's all I've got at the moment so it'll have to do for now, I'll replace it with something better soon.

This is a display dresser that I've been clobbering together in my little 'showroom'. It's all made from scrap scaffold planks and has cost all of £20 to build. It's not great carpentry, but that's the point of it really. It'll be a great place to display pots when it's finished.

I walked home in the bright winter sunshine. I love Devon whatever the weather and the new thermals I had for Christmas worked wonders.

I called into the little church at Stockleigh English...

and visited the Flower Ladies jug.

This week I'm going to get the place ready for full scale production. Pot making starts on Monday. I want to fire the wood kiln at the end of February, so lots to make.

It's about time I had some new, wet clay pots on this blog.

Have a good Tuesday everybody.


Ron said...

Hi ya, nice woodstove there and mug too by Jim. Stay warm.

ang design said...

i love your chimney very 'old lady who lived in a shoe'....santa's making his way then!

Paul Jessop said...

No cup of tea in the morning must be the worst start to any day. Love the stove I've gotta convince the court to let me put one in the new workshop. Can't wait to see some fresh pots.

Dan Finnegan said...

I agree with Paul, how can a man accomplish anything without a proper cuppa?