Thursday 24 July 2008

Ron Philbeck

I've had a great day today, sorting through the successful pots that came out of the kiln yesterday. I've got over the ones that didn't make it, there are some really pretty ones, amazing oranges and smooth, semi-matt lemon yellows. My photographer came up and took some pics which I'll have back next week. I took some snaps myself but forgot to bring my camera home.

Also my mate Different Dave came over and wired in the electric kiln which I've had sitting in my kiln shed for a while. It'll make bisc firing a lot easier and I can refire the occasional pot that hasn't quite got hot enough. It's test firing tonight.

Marky Mark called by this evening too to collect his pots. He was pleased with some, disappointed with others.

We're off to my parents' for the weekend to celebrate their Golden Wedding Anniversary with our extended family. I'm looking forward to seeing them all, some of them I've not seen for years.

It's such a relief to have got that firing all done and not to have to work until the early hours again for a while, I can just relax and enjoy the party.

Have a great weekend all

These pots are from my mate Ron's on-line selling site.

Check it out
here and grab yourself a lovely bit of slipware


Ron said...

Wow thanks Doug!! Really nice for you to put all that up. It was great talking to you today. Have a good weekend w. your family.

doug Fitch said...

It was great fun wasn't it? Can't wait to get a camera etc. I mentioned it to Ang and she's going to look into it. We'll have some fun trying to syncronize things with us all being in different time zones.

You have a good one too

Paul Jessop said...

Doug, the pots look great, enjoy your weekend.