Thursday 3 July 2008

Off to the pub

More tankards decorated.

Made some big jugs

Andrew giving it some wellie on the kick wheel, pity he's forgotten his spare jeans! Off to the pub tonight for a couple of pints.


Ron said...

Ah Andrew it's good to see you there in Doug's shop! What fun.
Remember, "Don't drink and treadle."

Have fun at the pub, watch out for Doug I've heard he's a hell of a skittles player.

Keith said...

Enjoy the pub. Too bad those tankards aren't ready for the beer yet.

Hannah said...

Enjoy the pub, could do with it yself, getting bit stressed here and lonely tonight. Andrew you look like you're having a great time. Hope you are liking the red clay. Be careful it's addictive.

klineola said...

Nice one's. I once saw a Pre-Columbian pot in a museum with the same pattern as the tankard in the foreground. A wiggly line and a straight line, what else is there?

I just sat down with a 3/4 pint of Corona??
A 12 ounce doesn't sound as good or taste as good as a pint, does it?

AAAAAAAAHHHHHH. Here's to you guys!

doug Fitch said...

The beer tasted good but the pipes are poisonous so felt rough all day - 12oz, much safer. Hope you're ok Hannah